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I cannot begin to quanitfy how beneficial the programme has been to him throughout the year. Vanessa Hammond, parent
Fantastic tutor feedback - very constructive and motivating. Pat Kremis, parent
My son realised that he finds learning very satisfying and that anything that holds him back actually makes him quite unhappy. Quite a big thing for a 9 year old to put into words! Ghislaine, parent
I experienced live debates with fellow peers and had fun analysing passages and creating theories. I would recommend the course to anyone as it really helps your analysis skills and your debating skills! Naomi, student
This course has given Ned a much deeper appreciation of one of his favourite books. Jen's feedback was so helpful - it was just what he needed in order to take his writing to the next level. Ned learnt more in 4 days than he has in four years of school. I can't thank you enough. Anna Freij, parent
An opportunity to extend his learning in an area he wouldn't normally experience. He also enjoyed the social communication aspect - something he struggles a little with normally. He enjoyed the challenge of the different tasks and the flexibility of the learnikng platform for blending his learning with normal daily activities. Paul Norman, parent
It made her concentrate and think about the topics. This should help her to appreciate her books even more in future. As Laurel wanted to achieve good scores, she also worked hard on her presentation. Steve Heeley, parent
My son lacks confidence in his ability and is unwilling to contribute his own ideas in class for fear of being ridiculed. The anonymity of this course gave him the confidence to contribute to the online discussion. He was further encouraged by the kindness and cooperative nature of the other course participants. He enjoyed the course so much that he is now reading "Action Philosophers"! Kelly Knight, parent
The principal benefit has been the personal achievement of completing the course, achieving the distinctions, and doing something that his older brother hasn't done already. Although he wasn't lacking in confidence, there is no doubt it has boosted his confidence. Derek Mariner, parent
The course encouraged him to think beyond the obvious and exposed him to the opinions of other readers who had obviously had more experience of OLP courses. The course inspired him to start developing a more analytical approach to his reading. A McKenna, parent
Troy really enjoyed doing this course and was able to take control of his own learning, it was pitched at a level that he totally understood and the content was exciting and eyecatching! Tracey Warriner, parent
My daughter Qindeel Ishtiaq attended the course on "Is This the Right Room for an Argument? An Introduction to Critical Thinking, Reasoning", and Debate. It has improved her critical writing and debating skills . She also learned the argumentative methodology to identify weak reasoning . She was thrilled to excited during the whole course and I congratulate OLP team to have all these courses for young learners in other countries. Mrs. Raheela Tajwar, parent
It gave her the opportunity to work at something independently, where she was not in the a school setting and was pretty much left to herself. We were pleased to see that she needed very little 'nudging' to do the work and if she left an assignment unfinished, she was happy to go back to it later. She really enjoyed getting feedback from other students on her chat room comments. I think it was very useful for her to have to look at the different sides of an argument. - a very important skill. Phillippa Keogh, parent
Thinking about a wider range of research and sources of information other than Google! He also discovered the wide range of services his local library had to offer and started learning to put forward opinions based on evidence. The feedback from tutors was excellent - very balanced and motivateional but also constructive, and it was recognised when previous feedback was acted upon. All in all, the feedback was very personalised and easy for my 8 year old to relate to. Any comments made in the discussion forums were taken as valid and were not treated as less relevant than those of the clealy older and extremely able children. Heather Bryant, parent
Emilie got to use a chat room for the first time and was quickly comfortable enough to open her own topics. She seemed much more at ease in her interactions with the children on the course than those at her school and I think this boosted her self-confidence. She was pushed intellectually, which she loves and doesn't get at school and felt that it was normal to want to learn! We had to force her to log off and go to bed at 11pm and she was up and raring to start again the following morning. She interested in joining the debating club at school when she's old enough and now understands a lot more of what debating is about. Christine and Ian Colliar, parents
Joshua has really enjoyed doing this course. He is asking even more question now and his confidence and critical skills have significantly improved. He is already motivated and looking forward to doing other courses with the OLP. Knox Daniel, parent
Improved research, debating and planning skills. She thoroughly enjoyed completing the course, chatting to other learners and appreciated the prompt feedback from the tutors. M Tinning, parent
Although my daughter already enjoys reading, this course encouraged her to develop her critical analysis skills and enabled her to enjoy the book at another level. It stimulated her thought processes and has changed the way she thinks about and reflects upon each new book she reads. These are skills that will serve her well as she moves onto secondary education. Amanda Lee, parent
Confidence in abilities increased. Enjoyment in participating in forums with other children with shared interests. Developed a more thoughtful approach to reading, the ideas of symbolism and alternate destinies were new and powerful. I am sure this course will translate to their school work and I am looking forward to seeing the impact. Patricia Ashman, parent
The course encouraged my daughter to think more deeply about the content of the novel she was studying (one that she had read previously but now saw with different eyes!). It prompted her to consider different ways of interpreting scenes and characters.The course also encouraged her to be creative in her own writing which she will hopefully be able to apply at school. She particularly valued the personal feedback and took the comments to heart when approaching the next piece of work. Suffice to say she was very keen to log on each day! Joanne Dick, parent
Reading an important classic book with a message and interpreting the meanings behind the story. Learning about the Russian Revolution (not yet covered at school). Learning about and discussing politics and its importance in life. Characterisation - learning to evaluate characters and question their actions and thoughts. The importance of education and finding out things for yourself. That not everything you are told by someone in authority is true is a new concept and lesson for a child. Questionning is good. Studying independently at home and managing time. Thomas enjoyed this course very much. It is great that there is something available to academically stimulate children in the school holidays as much as sport (which my son also loves and enjoys). The books and topics are obviously very carefully chosen and spot on target. Katherine Mynard, parent
What a fantastic four days! Hanna really enjoyed working in such a stimulating and challenging environment.She loved the learning journal as she was able to ask as many questions as she wanted to and to share her thoughts about the book with her tutors. She really loved discussing with the other children too and could not wait to log on!She carried out her own research and worked hard to produce the best work she could!This course is exactly what Hanna needs to be able to use her intellectual abilities and feel proud of herself.I'd like to thank Coral and Jen for their support and encouragement! Raishma D'Souza, parent
The course was interesting, thought provoking but more importantly challenging for my son. He has taken part in many OLP courses and I am always pleased at the effort that he puts in, and obviously the grade that he is given. The courses that OLP run are providing him with the foot stones for university level writing, which is commendable. It is courses like this one that give him the opportunity to develop further as a student and learn at a pace that suits him. Thank you to the team at OLP, your work is invaluable. Mrs Quirk, parent
Structured and incremental exposure to more rigorous thinking and analysis than they experience at their schools. Both children benefited from constructive feedback from the tutor and readily assimilated advice in subsequent assignments. Most importantly, they both enjoyed the challenges and the learning, acquired new critical reading skills and gained in confidence! Sabe and Bob Connor, parents
He read a text much more closely than usual, thought differently about feedback and really enjoyed testing some of his ideas against other children. He learned to be questioning and to think through different perspectives on the text, and to moderate his feedback on other people's ideas. And as the course was so concentrated he had the chance to put the tutors feedback into practice straight away and see the results very immediately. Laura Wright, parent
I feel the course gave her a greater understanding of a piece of literature - that there may be more to it than just being a great story. The discussion online with other children (as well as with her parents!) made her appreciate different opinions. Feedback was given sensitively and in a way that my daughter was able to act on. The course also gave her a real sense of achievement. Mrs A Waring, parent
The course helped her to think about the book in a more mature way, rather than simply for the enjoyment of the narrative. It helped her to think about the context of the story and the themes that ran through the book. It was a decent introduction to the next level of understanding and appreciation of a novel. Stephen Grant, parent
Motivated her, challenged her, stopped her brain stagnating in the holidays plus it's what she loves. Mrs Berringer, parent
My daughter Tatiana absolutely loved the course. It gave her so much confidence, made her think about the world and her surroundings and above all challenged her intellect! Geraldine Engelhart, parent
My daughter was challenged to think through her beliefs and her world view in order to express herself clearly to others - this is always a useful thing to do and I am pleased that she had this opportunity. Thank You. D Evans, parent